The current methods of managing residential health care are no longer sustainable.

Our team has a combined 75+ years of hands-on residential health care experience. We have faced every demanding obstacle within the industry. The Synkwise application was created to equip the residential care provider with the necessary tools to drive long-term success.

SynkWise features


Providers embrace residential care to provide compassion and assistance to those unable to care for themselves. It’s an honorable calling in one's life.


The extensive amount of tasks associated with running a successful care home can become overwhelming very quickly.

We’ve spent thousands of hours in research and development to formulate a solution that will equip care providers with tools that will decrease anxiety while improving productivity. The solution is Synkwise.

Synkwise is a comprehensive web-based application that supports providers, caregivers, and nurse delegators to effectively manage residential care. Synkwise is a multi-platform solution that operates on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Synkwise gives the care provider full control of their business anywhere and anytime in the palm of their hands.


What will Synkwise do for my business?

Manage Home

Synkwise is designed to help both the newcomer and the seasoned provider. Be confident that we’ll help you organize all of your documents with proactive alerts to keep your business up and running without the fear of citations.

Resident Care

From intake to discharge, Synkwise helps you efficiently manage resident care every step of the way. This module gives the provider all of the necessary tools from health monitoring alerts to effective communication.

Manage Medication

Synkwise provides an eMAR (electronic Medication Administration Record) that helps your caregiver to never miss a beat when it comes to accuracy. Our eMAR is intelligently designed to prevent medication errors. It can be a matter of life or death.

Manage Staff

This module gives you full control to manage your team. Finally, you can manage your staff through KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). This will drive accountability and transparency across the board.

Reports Now

This module is equipped to generate a variety of reports to evaluate multiple aspects of care. You don’t always have the time to search through hundreds of pages to find what you need. What you need is just a few clicks away.

Third Party Go

We have collaborated with vetted and trusted partners that will offer additional products and services. These vendors will span from medical supply companies, accountants, insurers, to legal counsel. We want to set you up for long-term success.


Securing data captured by Synkwise is something we take very seriously. Many companies fall victim to cyber-attacks and stolen data. This is why every line of code is written with security and HIPPA compliance in mind. All data is stored and secured on state of the art cloud servers that Fortune 500 companies utilize. We are preparing for the future by designating research and development into decentralization via block-chain technology.


One size does not fit all. Synkwise is developed in a manner that adheres to the state specific regulations. Our support spans from customer support tickets, remote access, tutorials, to live support. Due to the current demographic of Romanian care providers, bilingual support will be available. Additional languages will be supported as demand dictates.


Technology is miraculous because it allows us to do more with less, ratcheting up our fundamental capabilities to a higher level. – Peter Thiel


As a provider, you agreed to care for someone who isn’t capable to care for themselves. What you are doing is an honorable and commendable service for our community. Our business model is designed to improve your business model.

Synkwise is the comprehensive solution that will transform your business into a successful endeavor for many years to come.

Our application will equip you for long-term success by giving you full control of your business at your fingertips. You will see liability decrease and revenue increase. A business that fails to prepare for the future is a business that is planning to fail. Don’t be left behind. Move forward with Synkwise.

Nurse Delegator

Nurse Delegator

In the state of Washington, Nurse Delegation is a service that provides client assessment along with caregiver training and supervision to Long Term Care Workers who perform delegated nursing tasks.

As a company, we feel that Nurse Delegators don’t receive the recognition that’s due. These nurses take a high level of responsibility upon themselves in order for residential care homes to meet the intricate care needs of their residents. Much organizational and logistical structure is required on their behalf in order to achieve success.

More detailed information coming soon directly from our VP of Quality Assurance, Amanda.


Proper due diligence is a must when considering long-term care. Consider all factors in order to make the right decision for your loved one in need.


Finding a residential care home for a loved one is a challenging experience that brings a mixed bag of emotions. Many factors need to be assessed when selecting the right home that will provide that care. Factors such as quality of care, amenities, experience, location, etc. Technology has never been a factor in this industry. We believe it should be a critical factor when it comes to making the difficult decision.

Synkwise was developed with the belief that technology can be used to raise the bar for the standard of residential care. Raising the standard leads to an increased level of oversight, accountability, and overall improved quality of care.


  1. Phase I
    Phase 1
    in progress
  2. Phase II
    Phase 2
    2019 Q2
    Release in WA & OR
  3. Phase III
    Phase 3
    2020 Q1-2
    Release in AZ
  4. Phase IV
    Phase 4
    2020 Q2-3
    Release in CA & TX

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Synkwise Pricing

My home is licenced for
per month
  • Resident Care
  • Manage Medication
  • Reports Now
  • Manage Home
  • Manage Staff
    • Staff Compliance Alerts
    • Time & Labor Tracker
    • Key Performance Indicators


We are committed to creating a workplace culture that serves others, believes in team, and has a great time through it all. This culture transcends outside our office walls to the consumer. The following values are designated to guide us onto the path of excellence and fun.


We’re dedicated to earn your respect and trust. There are factors in life and business that are outside of our control. Being honest is within our control and is embedded within the Synkwise culture. Relationships built on integrity can last a lifetime. We are here for the long run.


We believe that the core of our company is dependent upon our stewardship. What we do with what’s been given to us will define us. We are proud to give back 10% of our profits to local charities and initiatives that we believe will ultimately make our world a better place.


As a company, we embrace change for the better. Our tech solutions are designed to evolve as new technological advances become available. What makes sense today can become obsolete tomorrow. If you don’t plan for the future, you’re planning to fail.


Complexity can be overwhelming. Our objective is to identify complex problems and formulate simple yet effective solutions for all types of users. We keep it simple.

Our Team


Will Synkwise be able to keep up with rapidly changing regulations?
We have account specialists in every state Synkwise is available that are responsible to maintain compliance when it comes to regulatory changes. One size does not fit all.
Will Synkwise be supported by licensors?
Yes. The significant organizational improvement will actually make the process easier for licensors when it comes to audits and inspections. This will provide much peace of mind to Providers that normally experience anxiety when it comes audits and inspections.
When will Synkwise be available?
Synkwise will be available in the middle of QTR 4 2018. Please signup to receive periodic updates. WE DO NOT SPAM!
Does Synkwise collaborate with Pharmacies for refill requests and medication changes?
Yes. Part of our development encapsulates communicating with Pharmacies servicing residential care homes.
What level of support will Synkwise offer?
The application itself will have a built-in extension where our customer service can be able to remote in while having dialogue to help the user navigate. There will be a plethora of how-to videos along with an interactive manual.
Is there a solution for families that solely take care of a loved one in need?
There are many families that are doing everything they can to take care of a loved one. The experience can be lonely and overwhelming at times. That's why our application will be available for free to families that take care of a single member. The application was designed to help people, both business owners and families.