Privacy Policy

Learn more how Synkwise protects your Privacy

This SYNKWISE® Services Privacy Policy (“Policy”) covers the privacy practices that Synkron Systems, LLC employs when providing the SYNKWISE Services, support, or consulting to Users. This policy clarifies that the use of information to which Synkron may be provided access is more limited than the use of information covered by Synkron’s general privacy policy as available at https://

Interaction Data, distinct from User Data, is information that we might collect from your use of the SYNKWISE Services, including the website, Hosted Programs, and your interactions with us offline. These include Personal Information, Anonymous Information, and Device Identifiers. We deal with Interaction Data according to the terms of our general privacy policy, which is available at: https://

User Data, including information provided by the User when using SYNKWISE, resides on Synkron, customer, or third-party systems to which Synkron is provided access to perform the SYNKWISE services. These systems include without limitation cloud environments through third-party providers such as Amazon Web Services, as well as Synkron’s test, development, and production environments that may be accessed to perform SNKWISE consulting and support services. Synkron treats User Data according to the terms of this Policy, as well as the applicable Terms of Use or Subscription Agreement.

To illustrate the difference between Interaction Data and User Data, when a User contracts with Synkron for SYNKWISE services, the User provides information about itself, including its name, address, billing information, and some employee contact information. Synkron may also collect other information about the User, for example through Synkron’s websites, as part of that interaction. We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us. For example, we may use cookies, and we obtain certain types of information when a web browser accesses the SYNKWISE services, including the device’s unique identifier, operating system, and so forth, which might further include identifying geographic location information. All that information is Interaction Data and is treated according to Synkron’s general privacy policy.

In contrast, having subscribed with Synkron for SYNKWISE services, the User provides Synkron access to the User Data, including resident information, it enters into the Hosted Programs as that term is defined in the SYNKWISE Subscription Agreement. In addition to Synkron’s handling of this User Data in accordance with the applicable Terms of Use, Synkron follows this SYNKWISE Privacy Policy for such User Data.


In addition to the provisions in a User’s applicable SYNKWISE Terms of Use, below are some of the conditions under which Synkron may access, collect, and use User Data.

  • To provide services and fix issues: Synkron may access User Data to perform services under a User’s SYNKWISE License Agreement for support, consulting, providing the SYNKWISE services, and to confirm your compliance with the terms of your Subscription Agreement. This may include testing and applying new product or system versions, patches, updates and upgrades, monitoring and testing system use and performance, and resolving bugs and other issues reported to Synkron.

Synkron may transfer and access User Data globally as required for the allowed purposes. If Synkron hires third-parties to assist in providing services or fixing issues, Synkron will make commercially-reasonable efforts to assure that third- parties’ access to User Data is consistent with the terms of the applicable Subscription Agreement/Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

Synkron does not use User Data except as stated above or according to the terms of your Subscription Agreement.


Synkron’s access to User Data is based on job role and responsibility. The User controls access to User Data by its personnel and any additional, authorized users. Such additional authorized users or residents should direct any requests related to their data to User.


Disputes are handled according to the terms of your applicable Subscription Agreement. If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Synkron. We will investigate and attempt to resolve them.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice to you. Any changes will be effective immediately upon the posting of the revised Privacy Policy. However, we will not use your User Data in a manner materially different than what is stated in the applicable SYNKWISE Terms of Use without your consent.